(n.) To do something with soul, creativity, or life;
To put something of yourself into your work.

College stores are filled with people who are the essence of Meraki; passionate about college sports, college students and college culture.

Image One’s collegiate brand was created with a deep rooted passion for college culture. Fight Songs. Traditions. Lifestyles. These are things that connect with our team and drive us to work with soul and creativity; to put all of ourselves into what we do. Our lives are steadily inspired by our experiences on college campuses.

When you’re surrounded by people proclaiming Hotty Toddy, Roll Tide, Fork ‘Em or Boomer, you can’t help but be driven by emotion. Love or hate radiates from your heart depending on if the right words were spoken or not. Whatever your college cry may be, we connect to that passion; we connect with the lifestyle that drives you.

Your passions in life are your lifestyle. Your college team is your lifestyle. Image One is more than a t-shirt brand. Image One is driven to connect your passion for life with your passion for your college team. Let us help you wear your lifestyle.